Welcome to Mnichovo Hradiště!

Our town is located roughly 70 km northeast of Prague in the close proximity of the Bohemian Paradise Protected landscape area. You can reach us easily on the D10 highway that connects Prague and Liberec. There are also frequent bus and train connections from Prague.

Don’t miss:

  • The unique Baroque chateau of Mnichovo Hradiště, including the Church of Three Kings and the Chapel of St. Anna, which contains the tomb of Albrecht von Wallenstein.
  • The ruins of the Drábské světničky castle built on a sandstone rock formation. The castle is accessible today via ladders and bridges and affords a lovely view of the surrounding area.

Fans of historical monuments, hiking, biking and water sports will find the entire Bohemian Paradise area appealing. The Geopark Ralsko is a restful wilderness area developed in a former military area near the town. For visitors interested in technology, we recommend a visit to Mladá Boleslav, the home of a Škoda Auto car manufacturing facility and a Škoda Auto museum.

For detailed information about tourist attractions, please contact the Tourism Information Centre at tel. 326 776 739,